Who We Are

SMISGA was organized to promote the general welfare and culture of Santa Marians anywhere in the world. It will serve as the communications mechanism to join and be in touch with their town mates.

Our Goal

SMISGA was organized on April 15, 2015 to preserve and nurture our cultural heritage, and to provide a mechanism wherein all Santa Marians can communicate with one another and work on projects together. SMISGA will promote the general welfare of Santa Marians all over the world. SMISGA is a 501c(3) organized exclusively for charitable, cultural, educational, and scientific purposes.

Our Mission

  1. To unite in one indivisible organization all individuals from Santa Maria, or related to someone from Santa Maria
  2. To preserve the Santa Maria ideal spirit and integrity and the culture, custom and the traditions
  3. To raise funds to carry out its projects, including reunions and scholarship grants;
  4. To establish a mechanism for Santa Marians located in different parts of the world to communicate with one another and organize, manage, sponsor, and document any undertaking the members want to carry out;
  5. To carry out various educational and cultural activities that will benefit Santa Marians no matter where they are located.

Permanent Committees

  1. Reunion Committee – This committee is to plan, organize, and manage, and be generally responsible for a reunion to be held approximately every two years.
  2. Membership Committee – This committee is to continue to do outreach, to have as many Santa Marians as possible to join SMISGA.
  3. Cultural and Educational Affairs Committee – This committee is to develop and recommend projects to be carried out, and scholarship grants that are to be granted, considering the availability of funds.